The garden is a wonderful place to sit and think, or read, or do some research, and I wish I could tell you I’d enjoyed a glorious summer doing just that – but alas, we had far too many wet days in 2017. However, as you can see, there were rare interludes of sunshine, and believe me, I grabbed my notebook and research books and got out there as fast as I could!

It has been a year for delving into the past – I’m planning a new novel, and unlike my current contemporaries, it’s set in late 18th-century Edinburgh. This is a wonderful period, when a surge of creative thinking set Scotland at the forefront of Europe in many fields, and I’m loving the research. It’s all taking a little longer than anticipated, however, so there’s no new contemporary this year.

Instead, Accent Press has delighted me by rejacketing all my books – take a look on the My Writing page and you’ll se why I love them!

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