Jenny I was born in Calcutta, India. My parents were Scots, but I didn’t live in Scotland until I was 18. I started to discover the country for myself when I went to Stirling University. I loved it and have never quite got round to moving south again. What’s not to love about our beautiful countryside?

I eventually settled in Edinburgh and for a while commuted to Glasgow, where I was an editor at William Collins, Publishers. After a decade in publishing, I made a small leap and became editor of a magazine about professional craft workers. This took me into a new career in journalism and writing, mostly non fiction. Novels came later!

I wrote initially under my first married name of Carter and married Robin Harper in 1994. Life took an exciting turn in 1999 when Robin became the first Green to be elected to any UK Parliament. He took up his seat in the Scottish Parliament and held it for 12 years until he retired.

RNA avatar   I designed Romance Matters, the magazine of the Romantic Novelists’ Association for seven years, and was instrumental in redesigning   their website and bringing in the RNA’s new brand.